2 Way Youth Employment Project

Project is aimed at employed urban youth who are tempted to engage in the drug/gang activity for economic reasons. The 2-Way Youth Employment Project provides youth ages 14-18 with entry level work opportunities within the North and South ends of the Hartford communities. The youth worker comes from two communities: the Northend (African-American) and south end of Hartford (Hispanic), thus providing the concept of 2-Way working in two different communities with the two different ethnic/social groups.
The 2-Way Program experience introduces youth to the workforce, impart valuable work entry level skills and educational activities that enhances exposure to the work of work. Also allows youth to gain the self-confidence, career awareness, financial literacy, and interpersonal competencies needed to succeed in the workforce long term. The 2-Way Project incorporates the core elements of successful youth development: (1) Adult support and mentoring; (2) Engaging character building activities; (3) Youth input.
Between both sites in North Hartford location, the Northend Church of Christ at 687 Albany Avenue and south Hartford location Mi Casa at 590 Park Street, we would like to facilitate 30 youth for one year at a $1,500 stipend per/ youngster, and $1,000 stipend per adult work.
Members (on left) of the 2 Way Youth Program along with youth, who give a positive report on the progress of the program.