Due to COVID-19 all Worship Services have been Suspended until further notice!
We will get through this with the help of the Lord!


Sunday Worship 
10:00 am (suspended)
Wednesday Bible Study
7:00 pm (suspended)
To the Saints of The Northend Church of Christ,
I pray for each of you by name before our Awesome God in this time of Crisis.
Please attend to your Family members, Christian family and find ways to be gracious to your community in ways that express your God-given gifts-
Be a credible witness! Between church folk and God’s folk not being the same; church folk go to church, God’s folk recognize they are the church. As we studied from The Book of Acts, the 1st century Christians met in houses. This “setback” could be a “setup” for a strong “comeback”.
Let us remember that there is always hope in Jesus, and none without him.
“…no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved”- Acts 4:12
This moment in time could be the catalyst the Lord uses to start a world-wide revival to save souls, and transform this Nation & World from government corruption, racism, human trafficking, sexual perversions, abortion, greed, gun addiction, chronic human violence against one another, religious disunity, and every other sin (not mistakes) that has brought us to this place and space in time.
Consider this Coronavirus, now CoVID-19 started as an epidemic, epi-upon (Greek), demos-people; upon the people, is now called a pandemic- pan- all (Greek), meaning on all people! The world if you will. The whole wide world is attentive at this time and seeking answers.
As Christians, let’s intercede in prayer for the world speaking forgiveness for our sins, and the world. Pray for strength that “we not faint in the day of adversity” – Proverbs 24:10
In such times as these our families, communities need “steady” people who are energized by God’s Grace and compassionate by God’s Power.
Remember Jesus is “Our” Shepherd, Healer, Forgiver, Hope, Redeemer, Reconciler, and Friend!
Therefore let us speak life into this darkness, that the light of Christ will shine in the hearts of humanity, and the healing of our world will take place!
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