During this time of turmoil and struggle please keep some things in mind,
  • The church building is operational, and being maintained.
  • If you are able and willing during this time, Tithing is still a must if we are going to keep and maintain our worship house, so leadership would recommend sending your weekly Sunday offering to the church PO Box- P.O. Box 320165, Hartford, CT 06132.
  • Continue to check this site for updates and contact and share with each other
  • Practice Compassion
  • Monitor prejudice, racist overtones, and attitudes that will surface; as to pointing the finger at groups in the world as the cause of the Coronavirus
  • Make time and space for Prayer, take this time to strengthen your prayer life.
  • Find something to laugh about, often during the Day, it’s good medicine- Proverbs 17:22
  • Exercise if you can in your home, or take safe walks.
  • We will get through this through the Grace of our God.